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We implement a constantly varied and practical strength and conditioning program in a group setting that can be applied to all levels of fitness. We are always pushing ourselves and our members in order to achieve the best results. Read More

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

We offer Rochester’s only Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor Eric Cady. We offer classes for beginner sand advanced practitioners alike,whether you’re interested in improving your fitness level, lose weight, gain self defense skills, make new friends, be part of a family atmosphere, or compete at a national/international level. Read More

Personal Training

For those with more specific goals and/or limitations, we work with you one-on-one in order to develop workouts which build strength in problem areas, avoid injury, and improve overall fitness. This can be accomplished through Individual or Remote Coaching, as well as onsite training with your own Individual Program Design.Read More

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Sleep Challenge Follow Up

So we just recently wrapped up the 2 week sleep challenge. First, I want to congratulate those that took the initiative to track their sleep. Taking control of your life starts with you. Secondly, I want to address why we did the sleep challenge as well as what to do with the information you gained. […]

Fabio Gurgel - Alliance

Strength Training for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

 I’ve been asked by numerous students to write up a template that would work for a BJJ student who would like to get stronger, so here’s a little tidbit of what one could look like for one particular individual. Just to be clear, nothing substitutes time on the mat (mat time) learning and practicing the […]


NOVA Sprint Challenge

Weather’s getting nicer, which means more running! Take our Sprint Challenge and improve not only your running skills, but also get in some additional interval training and improved conditioning! Details below!   Adam outlines the challenge, as well as the benefits of sprint conditioning. Adam discusses the general warmup, which consists of the following: 3 […]


Recent BJJ Promotions

Nova BJJ recently had an evening of belt promotions where we proudly introduced our new BJJ Black Belt Professor David Lamagna. Dave came to us three years ago from Colorado Springs, CO where he had been training full time for 5 years under the legendary Rigan Machado. Dave returned there to visit friends and train […]


WhaT’s NexT for YoU?!!

Winter has ju­st about fazed out and the CrossFit Open is over – so what’s next? It’s important to ask yourselves this question in regards to your goals from time to. Do you have any?  I believe that doing things with a sense of purpose is what really drives people to success. Purpose doesn’t always […]


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