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Training Preview: Week of 8/17/15


Week 4…and the numbers are improving!!!

Here is a general preview of the week ahead. If you know you’re lacking in a particular bodyweight strength or another important fitness component, plan your week to get it in. We’re giving you this information so you can focus on creating balanced fitness, not as a way for you to cherry-pick workouts, please keep that in mind.

Parts in Red specifically target improving your bodyweight tester.

*This is based on health, Fitness may be slightly different*


A. Main Body Weight Training WOD

B. Aerobic Add-On: A medium to low intensity finisher to “A” to improve aerobic endurance.

C. Injury Prevention/Mobility: Exercises, Foam rolling, and stretching that improve your positions and keep you healthy.


A. OLY Conditioning Complex: A combination that builds skill, explosive strength, and core endurance.

B. Longer METCON (Metabolic Conditioning)


A. Strength and Power: Deadlifts and Big Box Jumps

B. Skill + Core Conditioning: Mixture of Handstand work, core, and other exercises 

C. Shorter METCON


WOD make up: Make up the focus training or another session to maintain balanced fitness.


Mobility/Active Recovery: Activation and Mobility exercises to improve positions and improve the effectiveness of your next WOD


A. Strength/Skill: Squat + Pull Up + Double Under Practice

B. Muscular Endurance Conditioning: Conditioning designed to improve your ability with high reps.

C. Injury Prevention/Core/Mobility


Long Partner WOD…FUN 🙂