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Training Preview: Week of 8/10/15


We are starting the 3rd week of the bodyweight training focus and things are just starting to pick up! To ensure that you can get all the major components in, here is a general preview of the week ahead. This way, if you know you’re lacking in a particular bodyweight strength or another important component, you’ll know exactly which days to come in! We’re giving you this information so you can focus on creating balanced fitness, not as a way for you to cherry-pick workouts, please keep that in mind.

Parts in Red specifically target improving your bodyweight tester.

*This is based on health, Fitness may be slightly different*


A. Main Body Weight Training WOD

B. Injury Prevention/Mobility: Exercises, Foam rolling, and stretching that improve your positions and keep you healthy.


A. Strength: Deadlift

B. Core Conditioning: Mixture of core work with other exercises

C. Short Metcon (Metabolic Conditioning)


A. Strength/Skill: Squat + Pull Up + Double Under Practice

B. Muscular Endurance Conditioning: Conditioning designed to improve your ability with high reps.

C. Injury Prevention/Core/Mobility


WOD make up: Make up the focus training or another session to maintain balanced fitness.


Mobility/Active Recovery: Activation and Mobility exercises to improve positions and improve the effectiveness of your next WOD


A. Oly/Strength Conditioning: Cleans, presses and core conditioning

B. Medium Metcon


Longer Metcon