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CrossFit Training Preview: Week of 9/21/15

Strength Testing Starting this week we will be gauging maximal, or near maximal, strength. For most of that are more experienced, finding a “maximal” weight you can do in a lift is appropriate. This is the most weight you can lift for the prescribed rep scheme WITH GREAT FORM. For less experienced, finding a heavy […]


CrossFit Training Preview: Week of 9/14/15

Reminder that this Saturday is the in-house Max Rep Bench Press Competition @ 10 am, followed by the picnic at Noon!!! The divisions are as follows: Men RX: Bodyweight Men Modified: 70% of Bodyweight Women Rx: 65% of Bodyweight Women Modified: 55% of Bodyweight Monday Strength: Lower Body Hinge (Deadlift variations) + Short METCON (Metabolic […]


CrossFit Training Preview: Week of 9/7/15

We wrapped up the bodyweight block last week, and are ready to move into a strength block! Expect to see much more barbell work and some strength tests in a week or two (max effort bench, squat, deadlift, etc.). Going into this exciting phase keep this important rule for strength training in mind: don’t build […]


CrossFit Training Preview: Week of 8/24/15

We are quickly coming up on the bodyweight retest (only a couple more weeks – Friday September 4th), and people are really excited about the jumps in numbers! This excitement about improvement is great, though sometimes it leads us to lose sight that we are training to improve our abilities. Keep in mind that numbers are a representation […]


Training Update: 6 Week Body Weight Training Focus

Over the next 6 weeks our programming will shift towards improving your fitness with body weight movements. Don’t be alarmed… we will still use weightlifting movements for training, just to a lesser degree. Periodization, where you focus on one component, is a common training principle consistently used in athletics. Wondering why we would be using […]


Recent Questions

Recently some clients have asked me questions about why the CrossFit workouts are so hard and that sometimes they feel beat up after them. I’d like to dive into the deep end with everyone in the following paragraphs and give you all my perspective as the overseer of all programs at Nova Fitness. Programming workouts […]