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CrossFit Training Preview: Week of 9/7/15


We wrapped up the bodyweight block last week, and are ready to move into a strength block! Expect to see much more barbell work and some strength tests in a week or two (max effort bench, squat, deadlift, etc.). Going into this exciting phase keep this important rule for strength training in mind: don’t build strength on top of dysfunction.

Building strength on inefficient movements/patterns leads to wear and tear on the body, as well as reduces the force applied to what we are trying to move (bar, kb, car, kids, wheelbarrow, etc.). A great example of this rule is of a VW BUG with a V-12 Ferrari Engine. Sure that engine is capable of a ton of power, but the transmission can’t get the power to the wheels. So even if you didn’t blow your transmission (injury parallel), you are wasting your horsepower with little return (performance plateau). Your body is the same way…though I would like to think of us as much more bad-ass than a BUG!


While getting stronger is really important, just make sure you set up the foundation that keeps you healthy and prevents plateaus. The focus on getting full range of motion with posture control is really important to building long-term success in the strength department. Hence, the bodyweight block before the strength block.

See you in the gym!!!

-Coach Adam

*This is based on health, Fitness may be slightly different. Parts in Red specifically target improving strength. Use this to schedule to plan your workouts and get the most out of your sessions!*


Strength: Lower Body Squat/Push 


Short METCON (Metabolic Conditioning): Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics


Strength: Bench Press




Olympic Lifting: Snatch Based




WOD make up: Make up the retest or another session to maintain balanced fitness


Skill/Mobility/Active Recovery: improve the effectiveness of your next WOD by improving skills and mobility.


 Strength: Deadlift + Heavy Rows