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CrossFit Training Preview: Week of 8/31/15 – “Cindy” Retest Week


We will be retesting this week on Friday, and before you start getting anxious, focus on the positive….NO Tabata Mash Up this week!!! All jokes aside, testing can be intimidating. Though, it also can help you improve. Here are a few ways that testing can help you improve.

  1. It gives you a snapshot of our current ability. How do you know how far you have come, without knowing where you are started? Don’t confuse these testers as a representation of your self worth. It is only data that can give you insight on your patterns and how to improve yourself.
  2. Tests are a challenge, and challenges are an opportunity to succeed. Reflect upon all the amazing things that you have accomplished in your life. Go Ahead…take a minute to do this. I bet in each one you had to overcome some obstacles that taught you something more about yourself. Being aware of how your internal dialogue when you get “Uncomfortable” is one of the greatest things you can do to help you grow. You probably felt nervous or intimidated. This feeling can actually be channeled into an intense energy, and help you achieve more than you thought possible. This can all happen if you choose to perceive these tests as an opportunity to grow…not a burden.
  3. They help keep you accountable and consistent. You are more likely to be consistent if you know you are going to be held accountable. You are much more likely to be successful if you are consistent. Pretty simple…but VERY profound. We as coaches, and a community, are here to support you to push a little beyond. Keeping you accountable is part of that support.

Even if you weren’t able to do the tester in July, or haven’t been able to be consistent in training, come in and get great workout.

-Coach Adam

*This is based on health, Fitness may be slightly different. Parts in Red specifically target improving your bodyweight skills. Use this to schedule to plan your workouts and get the most out of your sessions!*


A. Strength Conditioning: Pull Up + Push Press + Weighted Lunges

B. Aerobic Conditioning Intervals: These intervals are designed to improve your endurance. Each interval is an AMRAP (of Maintainable intensity) with active rests. Each AMRAP should be paced so that your score in the first is the same as the last.

C. Injury Prevention/Mobility: Exercises, Foam rolling, and stretching that improve your positions and keep you healthy.


A. Strength, Power, and Skill: Deadlifts, Rotational Box Jumps, Handstand work

B. Core Conditioning: Mixture of Handstand work, core, and other exercises

C. Shorter METCON


A. OLY Conditioning Complex: A combination that builds skill, explosive strength, and core endurance.

B. Medium METCON (Metabolic Conditioning)


WOD make up: Make up the focus training or another session to maintain balanced fitness. We can retest here if you will be out of town Friday.


Skill/Mobility/Active Recovery: Kb Skill, Kipping, and Mobility improve the effectiveness of your next WOD


A. “CINDY” Tester: Do the same variation as your original test, or set your benchmark if you haven’t tested it yet!

B. Injury Prevention/Core/Mobility


A. KB “Swinger” Play: Play with some heavier swings and see what You are capable of! Often in WODs we get used to working with a certain weight. This is an opportunity to see what you can do without worrying about fatigue.

B. Longer METCON