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CrossFit On-Ramp

What do you get and why we designed the CrossFit On-Ramp:

NOVA Fitness mission is to help individuals forge a healthier more holistic lifestyle for themselves. The style of training we do is designed to push you, but in order to do that we must ensure that you are moving in a safe and efficient manner. We don’t believe in silver bullets.


Change takes time and effort and that effort is rewarded over time by achieving a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle.

Here are some topics we will cover in the On Ramp:

  • Exercise Movements Instruction led by experienced Fitness Coaches
    • Squatting, pressing, core and muscle activation, kinesthetic awareness, and strength & conditioning language and our fitness level groups.
    • Workout in a motivating and supportive environment to get you where you want to be.
    • 4 Semi-Private Classes offered over a two week period, day and night, so you begin to fit them into your schedule
    • Meet a whole bunch of fun friendly people. Why workout with strangers with IPODs in their ears when you can work out with friends?
  • Setting Goals & Making Lifestyle Changes
  • Nutrition & Health
    • Discussion of basic nutrition principles, as well as our ongoing programs we offer which help our clients create a more holistic lifestyle approach .
  • Recovery/Mobility movements and strategies to help you recover faster and feel better.

Investment: $99

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