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2015 RAA “Beyond the Barbell” Nutrition Challenge

In conjunction with other local CrossFit affiliates (14 total affiliates), we will be participating in a Rochester wide nutrition challenge! You have the opportunity to compete against the community at large and friends from other gyms right at NOVA. Although, winning is fun (and so are prizes)…it is not the only point. We are harnessing […]


CrossFit Training Preview: Week of 8/31/15 – “Cindy” Retest Week

We will be retesting this week on Friday, and before you start getting anxious, focus on the positive….NO Tabata Mash Up this week!!! All jokes aside, testing can be intimidating. Though, it also can help you improve. Here are a few ways that testing can help you improve. It gives you a snapshot of our current ability. How do […]


CrossFit Training Preview: Week of 8/24/15

We are quickly coming up on the bodyweight retest (only a couple more weeks – Friday September 4th), and people are really excited about the jumps in numbers! This excitement about improvement is great, though sometimes it leads us to lose sight that we are training to improve our abilities. Keep in mind that numbers are a representation […]


Training Preview: Week of 8/17/15

Week 4…and the numbers are improving!!! Here is a general preview of the week ahead. If you know you’re lacking in a particular bodyweight strength or another important fitness component, plan your week to get it in. We’re giving you this information so you can focus on creating balanced fitness, not as a way for […]


Training Preview: Week of 8/10/15

We are starting the 3rd week of the bodyweight training focus and things are just starting to pick up! To ensure that you can get all the major components in, here is a general preview of the week ahead. This way, if you know you’re lacking in a particular bodyweight strength or another important component, […]


Training Update: 6 Week Body Weight Training Focus

Over the next 6 weeks our programming will shift towards improving your fitness with body weight movements. Don’t be alarmed… we will still use weightlifting movements for training, just to a lesser degree. Periodization, where you focus on one component, is a common training principle consistently used in athletics. Wondering why we would be using […]


Moving to Zen Planner…goodbye Mind-Body!

Changing to Zen Planner We have some exciting, new updates to our online management system (currently MindBody) coming your way! We will be transitioning over to the use of Zen Planner to make your overall online experience with Nova a more positive one. Below are a couple of the highlights to Zen Planner! Crossfit Members: […]


Sleep Challenge Follow Up

So we just recently wrapped up the 2 week sleep challenge. First, I want to congratulate those that took the initiative to track their sleep. Taking control of your life starts with you. Secondly, I want to address why we did the sleep challenge as well as what to do with the information you gained. […]


Strength Training for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

 I’ve been asked by numerous students to write up a template that would work for a BJJ student who would like to get stronger, so here’s a little tidbit of what one could look like for one particular individual. Just to be clear, nothing substitutes time on the mat (mat time) learning and practicing the […]