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About Us

NOVA Philosophy

Our mission at NOVA is to build balanced fitness among our clients using progressive long-term approaches, through exercise, nutritional prescriptions and lifestyle strategies. We view fitness as a journey and not just an endpoint. Through our challenges and experiences, we all have the opportunity to learn more about what we can accomplish, where we’re strong and where we struggle, how to learn from our challenges, and ultimately build confidence, connections to others and resiliency.

We are not just another gym. We don’t just roll out random workouts to leave you lying in a pool of sweat. We are organized in our approach and train for long term health and fitness. We program our workouts different. We offer different programs according to what you are looking to improve on. We work with some of the brightest minds in the fitness industry on a regular bases to grow as coaches. James Fitzgerald (Optimum Performance Training in Arizona) and his brother Michael Fitzgerald (OPT Calgary).

We’ve implemented proper program design for all types of clients/athletes across multiple sports, as well as physical assessment methods and data tracking to endure health and progress. Fitness would not be complete unless lifestyle and nutrition factor were not taken into consideration, so for this reason we offer ongoing consultations for our clients. It’s an different approach with a different mentality. Our goal is to help you move forward physically, mentally, and spiritually through fitness.

Check out the video below to see NOVA in action!

Below is a video about OPT, which is a bigger part of our community.