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2015 RAA “Beyond the Barbell” Nutrition Challenge


In conjunction with other local CrossFit affiliates (14 total affiliates), we will be participating in a Rochester wide nutrition challenge! You have the opportunity to compete against the community at large and friends from other gyms right at NOVA. Although, winning is fun (and so are prizes)…it is not the only point. We are harnessing the energy of the community to inspire and motivate a lifelong change. This is the first of it’s kind, and we are really excited about the potential change we can create as an even larger community!

How Long: 7-week nutrition challenge – Open to members of participating gyms only & registration closes on 9/27.

When:  October 5th – November 21st

Sign Up Here

Participants will need to choose 1 of the nutrition plans to follow for the challenge.

Options include:

  • Clean Eating option – follow the list, do not need to measure portions
  • Macronutrient Tracking – no restrictions here, participants must meet their macro count daily.

Nutrition Details:

Participants can either earn 1 point or 0 points per day for nutrition based on if they met the standards for their nutrition plan. If participants are following the macro-tracking plan they can vary 2% over or under each macro of the day and still earn 1 point. If participants want to earn an extra point for the day they can choose to eat clean (based on the list) and count their macros for the day. Each participant will have specific macros determined for him or her at the start of the challenge. We will be using My Fitness Pal to Keep track of daily macro count. Participants will enter scores by Monday Night for the previous week.

Enter daily nutrition scores on a unified website (will be forthcoming, stay tuned & bookmark this post!)

Clean Eating List: foodlist – Review this list thoroughly if you plan to go with this eating option. This is a very yummy and doable list.

Why Clean Eating? – A diet focused on nutritional dense foods that tend to be less problematic (inflammatory), give your body the building blocks to maintain a healthy hormonal status. This means higher metabolism, greater mental clarity, less sickness, and greater well-being. Plus you don’t have to measure.

Limitations of “Clean Eating” –

  • Hard to gauge if you are getting too much or not enough energy and protein from your food.
  • It can still be really easy to overeat because you can still eat delicious foods.
  • Less convenience because can’t just stop at any place to eat.

Marco Counting: How to find your Macros – This chart will give you all you need to calculate your macros if you choose to go this route.

Why Macro Counting? – Helps you learn how to “quantify” food. This can be really helpful for portion control (getting enough or reducing calories for goals), lets you continue eating the foods you already eat.

Limitations of “Macro Counting”

  • Can be problematic for people with obsessive or neurotic tendencies
  • Eating foods that are low nutrition while fitting macros may give you short term results on the scale, though long-term health and metabolism may be compromised.
  • Appropriate Macro ratios can vary based on the individual (needs to be adjusted in some cases)

We will be having a Info session (September 26th at 12pm, about an hour) to answer all your questions and set you up for success. Please read the food list, read/complete macro chart, and have questions ready. All people should have macros done so we can tweak things if need be and not start everyone from scratch (that will take too long). You don’t have to be signed up to attend this. Use this meeting as a way to determine if you want to get healthier with the rest of us!

Weekly Lifestyle challenges: Each week, we will give you a lifestyle challenge to incorporate in your day to day life. These are meant to accentuate your life in a positive way. There is no challenge on the first week, let’s just focus then on getting the right foods in us. This will be 100% on the honor system.

  • Week 2: Meal Plan – set up a weekly meal plan and email to your coach.
  • Week 3: Water – keep a water log and aim for drinking ½ of your body weight in ounces of water daily
  • Week 4: Sleep – focus on your quality of sleep and keep track daily – Download ‘SleepBot’ (Free App) and keep a log of your sleep for the week.
  • Week 5: Try Something New – Find a new activity to try this week – email your coach a reflection about what you did We’re going to gather a group and do something all together! Rock climbing, go-karts, trampoline park etc…!!!!
  • Week 6: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – practice a mindfulness exercise for at least 5 minutes per day. We will provide some helpful videos on how to get the most out of this!
  • Week 7: Share the Love – bring a friend to a class with you at your gym. This ‘bring a friend’ day will be announced in the future.

Weekly Workouts: Videos will be released weekly with standards and mobility. Please do your best to attend the scheduled workouts for the challenge, as make ups will be hard to schedule!

Winners will be determined by a combination of all scores.

Prizes will be presented to:

  • Overall Top Male/Female
  • Highest Nutrition Points Male/Female
  • Biggest InBody Change Male/Female
  • Highest Workout Points Male/Female

Scores will be determined by:

  • Inbody Machine relative percent of change, measurements done at the beginning and end of challenge (30%)
    • So it doesn’t matter if you are small and only drop 2lbs or if you’re bigger and drop 40lbs, it’s based off your relative % of change.
  • Nutrition Points done weekly (30%)
  • Lifestyle Points (done weekly) (10%)
  • Workout Points (done weekly) (30%)

If you have any burning questions that can’t wait until the Q&A session, please post them in our private FB group or message Adam directly. I’m sure many of you will have the same question(s).

Registration closes on 9/27!


Written By:

Adam Cristantello of NOVA Fitness


Brian Lelli of CrossFit Chili