Tuesday 03.17.15



A1. 4 or 5 Sets of:

Clean Pull + Power Clean x 2

10 to 20 Repeat Bar Jumps

8 Wall Slides

*Rest  ~90 sec

(Roll/stretch hip-flexors or shoulders during rest)

A2. (If Remaining Time before fitness starts)…up to 3 sets:

10 Lateral Band Walks

5 wall slides

B. Same as Fitness B (Row)

C. Alternating Emom x 10 min:

Odd: 40 sec Slow Russian twists

Even: Max KB Swings


A. 10 Sets of:

2 TnG Power Cleans (increase weight every 2 sets)

B. 1609M Row (Moderate Pace)

C. EMOM 10 Minutes:

Odd: 10 T2B

Even: 10 DB Power Snatch (Alt. arms each rep) 70/40