Eric Cady


Eric grew up loving sports and art. As a kid, he drew pictures for hours, but played outside almost nonstop: bike riding, skateboarding, and skiing. He has always enjoyed movement. One thing that Eric came to realize through sports was the work it took to make something difficult look easy. Eric was a successful competitive youth gymnast but wasn’t a top athlete in some of the other sports he played due to his size. He found his way in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, because it is an art form which negates size and strength and focuses on technical movement mastery.

When it comes to training he likes to be pushed by others. He says that he is not the best self-motivator. Eric tries to keep improving as a coach, a BJJ athlete, a business owner and a husband. Sometimes growth also means finding time to rest. You have to realize when it’s time to take your foot off the gas pedal and when you can really floor it. Eric’s favorite music to train to is 90’s -2000’s rap music. He says he definitely doesn’t work out to any “screaming music!”

Eric’s goals are to be as healthy as possible and improve his mobility/flexibility. He loves the community that his gym has and enjoys watching it grow. At the gym on a normal day, you can find him teaching fitness classes, private sessions, strength and conditioning classes and a BJJ class. In addition to the classes he takes the time to meet with potential clients and write blogs for NOVA.

Credentials • Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu -under Kyle Saunders/ Roy Harris • Presently training with Marcelo Garcia out of his NYC Academy (2011-present) • Alliance Jiu Jitsu Level I Certified Coach • Multiple time 1st place finishes in Advanced No-Gi and Brown/ Black Belt division competitions in US and Canada • Optimum Performance Training Coaching Certification Program Journey to Level I Coach under James Fitzgerald – Program Design Module – Physical Assessment Module • OPT Fitness Mentoring Coach Client – Michael Fitzgerald (OPT Canada) • OPT – Individual Coaching by Michael Fitzgerald (OPT Canada) • CrossFit Level I Certified 2009 • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach 2010 • 7 years competitive youth gymnastics experience