Eric Cady


I really love seeing clients break through their perceived limitations and accomplish things that help them grow. The love is in the “process” and not the end. Begin to love the work involved and the end product will have so much meaning.

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Credentials • Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu -under Kyle Saunders/ Roy Harris • Alliance Jiu Jitsu Level I Certified Coach • Multiple time 1st place finishes in Advanced No-Gi and Brown/ Black Belt division competitions in US and Canada • Optimum Performance Training Coaching Certification Program Journey to Level I Coach under James Fitzgerald – Program Design Module – Physical Assessment Module • OPT Fitness Mentoring Coach Client – Michael Fitzgerald (OPT Canada) • OPT – Individual Coaching by Michael Fitzgerald (OPT Canada) • CrossFit Level I Certified 2009 • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach 2010 • 7 years competitive youth gymnastics experience