We asked our members what they love about NOVA. Here’s what they had to say:

“I love the personal attention that the trainers have to my own personal fitness needs, physical limitations, and areas where I need to improve. The trainers know how to scale workouts for my abilities and work to improve strength and flexibility in my problem areas.”
-JP (Member since Oct. 2010)

“The most friendly, accepting atmosphere. Everyone is willing to help you learn and stay positive. I have never felt that from a gym before.”
-KM (Member since July 2012)

“The positive, supportive and family-like approach to fitness.”
-LW (Member since Oct. 2010)

“Personal attention, extreme commitment to understand the members goals and help them via education and coaching to achieve them.”
-TW (Member since Nov. 2010)

“It’s the top BJJ instruction in Western NY. Nowhere else can you roll daily with a black belt, multiple brown and purple belts and more blues than whites. Eric takes time to teach and does his research and homework before instructing.”
-BR (Member since Nov. 2010)

“The personal attention, comfortable atmosphere, and encouraging environment.”
-AM (Member since Nov. 2012)

“The friendly staff that focuses on their customers at hand and helping them improve in many essentials of life.”
-AD (Member since Sept. 2012)