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CrossFit Training Preview: Week of 9/21/15

Strength Testing Starting this week we will be gauging maximal, or near maximal, strength. For most of that are more experienced, finding a “maximal” weight you can do in a lift is appropriate. This is the most weight you can lift for the prescribed rep scheme WITH GREAT FORM. For less experienced, finding a heavy […]


CrossFit Training Preview: Week of 9/7/15

We wrapped up the bodyweight block last week, and are ready to move into a strength block! Expect to see much more barbell work and some strength tests in a week or two (max effort bench, squat, deadlift, etc.). Going into this exciting phase keep this important rule for strength training in mind: don’t build […]


Sleep Challenge Follow Up

So we just recently wrapped up the 2 week sleep challenge. First, I want to congratulate those that took the initiative to track their sleep. Taking control of your life starts with you. Secondly, I want to address why we did the sleep challenge as well as what to do with the information you gained. […]