Sunday Skills w/Adam


Sun 12.30.12

Skills of the Day:

 – Snatch Pull
 – Power Snatch
 – Basic Squat set-ups

-Warm up: General, foam roll, agility
-Skill of the day: Concepts/application, drills, common mistakes
-Practice Skill
-Cool down/Discussion

-Increase proficiency in the more technical movements
-Decrease time constraints that limit true practice (adequate rest, time for instruction/drill/feedback)

What it is…
A skill focused session meant to improve movements and master fundamentals before progressing. Topics covered will include: weightlifting, agility, proper warm up, running, and more.

What it isn’t…
An open gym or typical group workouts (don’t expect to get your conditioning fix here)

-Bring a notebook
-Be on time
-Be ready to work and learn