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Improving Your Olympic Lifts For Weightlifting & Bodybuilding

At NOVA, we work with our weightlifting and bodybuilding clients to develop overall general fitness results using specific measures such as olympic lifts (ie. Power Clean, Snatch, Squat, Deadlift, Jerk), and other personal bests. We also teach proper form and technique with each class. This ensures client safety when performing olympic lifts. For our clients that have specific limitations, we can work with you to develop specific workouts to build strength in problem areas, modify workouts to avoid injury, and improve overall fitness.

We regularly offer separate evening seminars covering all the Olympic Lifts, such as Power Clean, Snatch, Squat, Deadlift and Jerk. Working with our trainers, you will be sure to have proper form and execution of all the olympic lifts. Small improvements in proper form can mean big gains for weightlifting, and it can mean the difference between safely executing olympic lifts or injury.

Increase Your Potential

No matter how long you have been lifting weights, everyone stalls at some point. Want to increase your Squat? Have you reached a plateau for your Deadlift? Is your Power Clean not as powerful as it should be? Working with our trainers regularly will get you to the next level in weightlifting or bodybuilding. Our group classes will help keep you competitive as you work towards your olympic lifting or bodybuilding goals.

Working with an individual lifting coach is another way to increase your gains. We can review your current weightlifting plan, discuss goals and help you reach new personal bests for your olympic lifts. If you are a bodybuilder, we can work with you as you prepare for competitions to ensure that you are focusing your efforts in effective ways.

olympic weightlifting class

Group training with coaches.

olympic weightlifting class

Learn proper weightlifting form.


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