NOVA Strength & Conditioning/Jiu Jitsu


After years of being affiliated with CrossFit Headquarters, we have decided that it is best for us as a gym to strike out on our own and change our name, to better represent what it is we do, and better reflect our mission.

Our mission is to build balanced fitness among our clients using progressive long-term approaches, through exercise, nutritional prescriptions and lifestyle strategies. We view fitness as a journey and not just an endpoint. Through our challenges and experiences, we all have the opportunity to learn more about what we can accomplish, where we’re strong and where we struggle, how to learn from our challenges, and ultimately build confidence, connections to others, and resiliency.

We are not just another gym, or another box. We don’t just roll out random workouts that leave you lying in a pool of sweat. We have an organized approach to fitness, and program for long-term health. Our workouts are unique because we offer a diversity of programs based on your individual goals, while taking into account your specifics needs. In order to grow as coaches, we regularly work with some of the brightest minds in the fitness industry. We’ve implemented proper program design for all types of clients/athletes across multiple sports, as well as physical assessment methods and data tracking to ensure progress. The idea of “Fitness” is not complete unless lifestyle and nutrition factors are taken into consideration, so for this reason we offer ongoing consultations for our clients. Through fitness, mentoring and guidance, we help you move forward physically, mentally, and spiritually.


 Don’t panic! We will continue to use the CrossFit methodology for training, and for those who want to compete in fitness competitions, we will deliver a product that far surpasses generic programming.  But what’s exciting for us is that with this change, we will also be free to offer MORE programs, that will better service both our current clients, as well as the general community outside of CrossFit. Our ongoing professional development as coaches in CrossFit, and specific strength and conditioning practices for multiple sports, is headed by a host of non-CrossFit affiliated gyms who, in our opinion, are forging a path towards optimal fitness in a way that is sustainable, safe, fun, fresh and innovative.

What we offer:

-Individual Movement Screens & Strength/ Energy System Assessments

-Individual Client Training (ICT)

-Small Group Training (2-5)

-Group Training (6-12)

-Remote Program Design (RPD)

-On-site Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR)

-Olympic Lifting Video Analysis

-Nutritional/ Lifestyle Consultations