Moving to Zen Planner…goodbye Mind-Body!


Changing to Zen Planner

We have some exciting, new updates to our online management system (currently MindBody) coming your way! We will be transitioning over to the use of Zen Planner to make your overall online experience with Nova a more positive one. Below are a couple of the highlights to Zen Planner!

Crossfit Members:

1) Track your own progress at Nova! With Zen Planner, you will be able to record workouts, set personal goals, and measure progress over time. There will even be a daily workout leader board for those who want to post scores to view!

2) Class Sign-ins will now be more easily manageable and maintained. This will allow for better coach to client ratio for larger classes.

Oh Gloriously Cool Data!!

Oh Gloriously Cool Data!!

BJJ Members:

1) Belt Requirements and Promotions information will be in a user-friendly format, so you can look up the skill/technique requirements for each belt level, and the estimated time it would take to achieve each belt promotion.

2) Track your progress on Zen Planner. Goal setting, recording training sessions, and measuring progress are only a few tools offered through the new site.


All Members: (Crossfit, BJJ, Cardio-kickboxing, Boot Camp)

  • Overall communication improvement with gym oriented activities.
  • Class cancellations, time changes, Nova events, and any updates taking place will all be readily accessible to view using Zen Planner.


In order to smoothly transition over the Zen Planner, we ask you to do the following:

1) Set your Username and Password once you get a temporary user name and password sent to your email from Zen Planner. Zen Planner will email the one you have previously used on MindBody. If you have not received this email please create your account here (follow steps below).

  1. Go to “sign up” on the log in page
  2. Select “Account Set up” option (it will only allow for 26 people per day)
  3. This won’t charge your account and you will still have to swipe your card at the front desk.

2) Stop at the front desk and re-swipe debit/credit card (there will be NO change to your membership, and you will not be charged when re-swiping your card)