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CrossFit Rochester NY


Home to the best Crossfit Rochester NY gym!

We implement a constantly varied and practical strength and conditioning program in a group setting that can be applied to all levels of fitness.

The Rochester area has tons of gyms with memberships and workout facilities. The problem is that they have limits in terms of qualified staff who can help you to tailor your workouts and exercises to create fitness program that is right for you. Fitness is not just about lifting weights and running on a treadmill. Fitness is about constantly pushing yourself to always achieve better results.

We can work with you to develop specific workouts to build strength in problem areas, avoid injury, and improve overall fitness. We strive to work with our clients to ensure proper technique, which ensures client safety when performing exercises and working out.

Most of the area gyms in the Crossfit Rochester NY area also don’t offer classes in strength training and instruction to help you improve your form and prevent injury.

CrossFit Group Exercise Classes and Workouts

NOVA offers both individual private training and our popular group exercise classes. Our philosophy has always been to start with whatever level you are at, and build from there.

We help you to establish fitness and workout goals, develop your exercise program, and show you how it’s done.


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