Lactic Power


Sat 12.29.12

A1) 30 sec Max Double unders or intense scaled movement (step up, bounding bar jump, high knee etc.).

A2) HPC cluster: 4 reps (generally unbroken) x 4 sets resting bar for 10 seconds in rack position

-Rest 90 sec, 3 or 4 sets, any drop in weight = 5 Burpees

-@ 100% speed intensity w/ moderate to moderately heavy weight


In partners complete 4 sets…

-Ring Row x 8 @ 20X1 (scale to make harder or easier as needed)

-Hollow rocks x 15 or Barbell Ab rollouts x 5 (or something that works core stabilization)

 Rest: Second partner starts when first partner finishes Hollow rocks (~45sec to 1 min rest)