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Kevin Sawyer


“The workouts I enjoy most are long endurance challenges. I love both the mental and physical aspects of trying to find one’s breaking/tipping point. If I can get myself right to the edge of quitting or defeat without giving in and survive while still completing the challenge I have a wonderful sense of accomplishment.”

His passion is for endurance challenges but Kevin Sawyer’s traditional strength and conditioning workouts include body weight exercises paired with light to moderate weight barbell movements. He is a fan of relaxing music during a workout and feels it helps him focus. Besides, once the workout is in full effect, all he can hear is his heart trying to beat out of his chest and his lungs gasping for air!

Kevin knows how fortunate he is to be in a good state of health and fitness. He strives to be as well rounded as possible and knows his limits. The driving forces in his training are based upon true self awareness: knowing how hard and how long he can push himself or others, what people can or cannot do, and when or where a body wants to shut down. These are all vital in a successful workout!

As with many trainers, Kevin sticks pretty close to Paleo when it comes to his eating habits. He has found what is successful for him but knows that there isn’t a universal approach that works for everyone.