I needed to improve my running


written by: Deborah Liana

I decided to give CrossFit 585 a whirl in the hopes that it would improve my running performance. I had just missed qualifying for the Boston Marathon by 1 minute after closely following a 16-week running program… Maybe CrossFit could give me the edge I needed the next time around? Well, I believe it did just that in addition to other benefits.

Training for long-distance running events put me in a slump. Sure, such training is peppered with speed workouts, but for the majority of time you are just going long and slow. CrossFit workouts encapsulate an entirely different approach, which took some time for both my mind and body to adjust. Instead of spreading out energy over an extended period, it’s like *POW* lay it all out there right now!! In 20 minutes time I am as spent as hours of running. The creative workouts that our trainers come up with keep the program both fun and challenging. Also, the interplay of the various workouts becomes apparent little by little…there really is a method to the madness. At first, I was not a big fan of the heavy lifting components, but I can see now how much they can cross-over and help with the endurance segments, too.

Another great thing about CrossFit 585 is that the trainers, Eric and Adam, have paid close attention to each and every one of us so they know how to appropriately gauge each workout for us. It really is like having the benefits of a personal trainer in a class venue. They don’t just watch us fail if we are unable to do something; they help us achieve that skill in phases that challenge us at the present moment so that someday we can hopefully go all the way. Also, they always have a keen eye for form, which keeps us on track when we start to get tired and sloppy.

I appreciate the convenience of CrossFit as my work schedule varies week-to-week. The number of class offerings allows ample opportunity to make it to the gym. Sweating it out alongside the great people that come to CrossFit 585 is so much better than training alone. I look forward to the laughter, camaraderie, and friendly competition as much as the challenge of the workouts themselves.

Sweating it out alongside the great people that come to CrossFit 585 is so much better than training alone.

Back to the marathon…so I was extremely nervous that morning; I doubted that substituting three-times-a-week CrossFit classes for some of my training runs was a good idea after all. I imagined Bart Yasso, the author of my marathon-training program, shaking his head in disappointment. However, I could not believe the difference in how I felt during this race compared to only two months prior! I really struggled in the last three miles of my last race; I felt like a dilapidated steam engine miserably chugging along to its final stop. This time I powered through those miles and couldn’t believe when there was only a mile remaining; I wanted to keep going! I was so excited that I improved my time. Instead of feeling like a car ran over me when I woke up the next day as in the past, I felt revitalized. I attribute the quick recovery to the varied CrossFit workouts; different muscles throughout my body are always being tested at CrossFit, so I suspect they are better adapted. I have also found in hilly races that I am recuperating faster from the upward inclines than before. By no means have I catapulted to the top of the racing field, but I am definitely performing better and feeling better than before and that’s what really matters to me.