Friday 06.26.15


A. 5 Sets of:
3 to 5 Push Presses (2 Second Hold OH)
Roll Upper Back/Hip Flexors

B. 3 Sets of:
6 Each of Bent-over Y-W-T’s
20 to 30 Seconds Boat Hold, Hollow Hold or Rock

C. Tabata Mash Up:
Slam Ball
Push Ups

D. Fitness C If interested on own

A. 5 Sets of:
5 Push Presses (2 Second Hold OH)

B. 4 Sets of:
8-12 Half Kneel DB Should Presses
15 Bent-Over DB Rev. Fly’s

C. 4 Supersets of:
15 Barbell Bicep Curls + MAX Chin Ups
1 Minute Rest
15 DB Skull Crushers + MAX Dips
1 Minute Rest

D. 1 Mile Run or 1600M Row (Recovery Pace)