Adam Cristantello

“Tello” is a Strength Coach/fitness geek who is detail oriented, constantly challenges himself, and strives for excellence in all he does. He has over 11 years of Strength and conditioning/fitness experience which include: Weightlifting, Olympic Weight Lifting, Non-competitive Body-Building, Yoga, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Running, Soccer, Parkour, Hockey, Gymnastics and Nutritional strategies.  His comprehensive fitness approach […]


Jason Plaisted – Head Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

I started training in June 2003. It has been an amazing journey for me, and I can truly say Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu had changed my life. I have studied BJJ for five years under Professor Eric Cady who has had a major impact on my game. I have been very fascinated by his progression and teaching […]


Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker hasn’t always been an athlete but now takes his workouts seriously, finding the perfect place between peace and push for both conditioning and strength training with his clients. Kevin is psyched to wake up to do overhead squats while listening to his favorite 80s and 90s rap. Cindy used to be a favorite […]


Kyle Stark

When I began CrossFit in February 2009, I was a shining example of an out-of-shape 20-something. I ate poorly, rarely if ever exercised, and was generally pretty fatigued. Not to mention I would run out of breath walking up two flights of stairs. Fast forward to today, and I can positively say I’ve never felt […]


Kevin Sawyer

“The workouts I enjoy most are long endurance challenges. I love both the mental and physical aspects of trying to find one’s breaking/tipping point. If I can get myself right to the edge of quitting or defeat without giving in and survive while still completing the challenge I have a wonderful sense of accomplishment.” His […]