Practical Nutrition


The Big Picture

Last week’s article discussed energy balance, and a little bit about how to determine your calorie needs. Did you take note of the gear drawing? Here it is again, directly from Tello’s laboratory notebook: The average individual with goals of optimal health/longevity should shoot for 50-150g/day via any and all non-starchy vegetables and up to […]


Assembling the Puzzle

With the data gathered from the past few weeks, you can start to break everything up into the macronutrient (MN) ratio of your diet. Why is this important? This is important because you may not be eating appropriately for your goals and metabolic profile (body composition, insulin sensitivity, health markers, etc.). This week will look […]


Oh Fat how I love thee, let me count the ways….NOM NOM NOM

Hopefully by now you aren’t feeling too overwhelmed with the tracking process, and are starting to learn something about how you eat everyday that you didn’t before. Most of you won’t have to continue tracking unless you need to get very specific (depending on your goals and present state). In general, we tend to eat […]


A House Built on Protein

Protein…and you thought it just made your muscles big. When thinking about Protein (PRO), most of us have an image in our head similar to Lego blocks. While structure is an important function of protein, it is only one of many. Here is a quick summary of the importance and many roles of proteins: “Like other biological macromolecules such […]


Why am I tracking my diet? It's like work and stuff.

So you have started tracking your carbohydrates (CHO), Great!!! But why are we doing this? Is simply being aware of your actions/inactions going to create change?  The simple answer is that awareness alone will not magically make change happen. We are tracking our diet to get a true representation of what we eat. It is this information […]