Bryan Rowlands – BJJ Instructor

I always admired Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after seeing Royce Gracie compete and win against much larger and athletic opponents in the early days of the UFC. I knew I had to try it. After grad school in 2007 I moved back to Rochester, NY. In April 2008 I started training regularly in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with a Roy Harris’ black belt in Rochester named Kyle Saunders. I received my blue belt from Kyle in January, 2009. I received my purple belt from Roy Harris / Kyle Saunders’ black belt, Eric Cady, in May, 2011, and I received my brown belt from him in May 2014. I began training under Kyle Saunders again in 2015 and received my black belt from him in December 2016. I have also recently fell in love with Judo and look forward to continuing to cross-train in that as well as Russian Sambo.

Now many years in to this journey I can look back and see not only the level of fitness and skills I’ve acquired, but the friendships and community I have been privileged to become a part of. I look forward to attending every class, whether it is as instructor or as a student; and no matter if it is advanced or fundamentals… You will too.


  • Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Advanced Gi / NoGi Instructor
  • IBJJF Competitor
  • U.S. Grappling Competitor
  • IBJJF International Open Silver Medalist (Masters Purple Belt / Boston, MA) – April 2014
  • Judo & Russian Sambo Enthusiast

Bryan Rowlands - IBJJF