Training Update: 6 Week Body Weight Training Focus


Over the next 6 weeks our programming will shift towards improving your fitness with body weight movements. Don’t be alarmed… we will still use weightlifting movements for training, just to a lesser degree. Periodization, where you focus on one component, is a common training principle consistently used in athletics. Wondering why we would be using something found in high-level athletics in YOUR fitness repertoire? You don’t have to be a professional athlete to get the benefits… periodization benefits everyone!! These benefits include:

  1. Allowing the body to recover by cycling the main exercise stimulus
  2. Keeping you engaged in a new goal for each block
  3. Greater consistency in training which creates faster and larger improvements in one area
  4. Helping build all areas of fitness (endurance, strength, power, body composition, etc.)
periodization model example

Simple Periodization model illustrating a progressive approach to building balanced fitness.

Why a body-weight training block?

There are few major reasons that body weight training can benefit your fitness and help you achieve your goals. Working with your body is a great way to develop a base line of strength, especially for your upper body. What if you already have a good strength base and can perform dips, pull ups, push ups, and pistols? Focusing on body weight will help increase stamina and muscular endurance. This will equate to having more gas in the tank to plow through future obstacles. Too tired to jump up and grab the bar for pull ups? Not any more!!

While having increased stamina, endurance, and strength are really important; the most important benefit to a bodyweight focus will be improved body awareness and control. Being completely aware of body position, and being able to stabilize in those positions, is the foundation for success in any physical activity. For example, if you are having problems feeling and aligning your knees in an air squat, what do you think will happen when you add weight? 99% of the time it will make matters worse by putting more force on your body in already weak positions. This will result in losing alignment, which puts wear and tear on the body.

Another bonus of increased body awareness is a greater ability to pick up other skills. Learning and creating coordinated movements is dependent on the brain. Having a great base in bodyweight movements makes it that much easier when you have other things to think about…like a barbell going over head or doing a handstand. Think of it as the basic programming that is the foundation for many other movements.

On top of these, it is summer…bodyweight training is much easier to stick to when we are traveling to the beach or camping!!


What will it look like?

The first week we will gauge your current bodyweight proficiency by doing “Cindy” on Monday July 27th. If you can’t make it on Monday, please try to make up “Cindy” during the week, so everyone will be on the same 6-week timeline. You will be able to make up this workout during open gym or another day (ask a coach). “Cindy” is a great workout as it highlights your abilities in upper body (pull ups and push ups), lower body (squats), and endurance. Your initial score will help us adjust training to your specific needs during the six weeks, and we will repeat “Cindy” at the end of the six weeks to see your improvements!


Each Monday will have a specific workout geared towards improving your body weight athleticism. If you can’t make it, we highly encourage you to do a make up in order to get the most out of this training block. The rest of the weeks training will include weightlifting movements, as well as other little components to succeed during this programming focus.

A critical part of these training blocks is knowing and tracking your numbers. It helps the coaches make adjustments and shows your progress. Make sure you write down your scores and modifications on the tracking board, and in your personal journal.

We are super excited for this next block and how it will benefit all of you!!

Quick Reference: 6 week Body Weight Training Block


  • Gauge workout: Cindy on July 27th

  • Main Training Day: Mondays all day (talk to a coach about making these up)

  • Track score and modifications on tracking board and in training journal