585 Summer Kids

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For optimal health, children need an hour of physical activity every day. Although this amount can seem daunting, most children meet this goal through a combination of free play, organized sports and school PE programs.

CDC: How Much Physical Activity Do Children Need?
585 Kids Summer Fitness Program offers three weeks of a fun, safe, and healthy environment for your child to gain one solid hour of physical activity each day. These activities not only increase cardiovascular health and weight loss, but they increase balance, coordination, strength, and proprioception; which directly correlate to learning and brain development. We provide small challenges and celebrate their accomplishments resulting in an increase in self confidence and inner strength. A typical hour of 585 kids includes jumping, crawling, climbing, running, moving heavy objects, throwing, and balancing.
Our kids coaches are highly qualified elementary school educators and have years of experience in fitness coaching.
Meghan Kelly is an art teacher at Kirk Road Elementary School in Greece. She has run kids fitness programs in previous years and is a certified CrossFit trainer.
Jess Hayden is a school psychologist in the city of Rochester. She’s currently on special assignment as a part time action based learning teacher in the brain gym at School #34. Jess is also a certified CrossFit trainer and has had two years experience coaching girls’ high school rugby.

Session 1: July 9-July 27; 2:30-3:30PM M-F *Reserve by 6/1/12
Session 2: Aug 6- Aug 24; 2:30-3:30PM M-F *Reserve by 6/1/12

Cost: $150/Child
Location: 22 Winston Place Rochester, NY 14610
Contact:Meg: (585) 752-3804 or Jess (585) 734-8933